TNG: S6E17: “Birthright: Part 2”

In which Worf goes to camp.

Worf has allowed himself to be captured by Romulans. At what point does his Klingon Honor kick in and force him to fight to the death? The Klingon prisoners refuse to leave – they consider themselves already dead. They were all knocked unconscious and imprisoned, and not allowed to kill themselves.

Interestingly, after the Klingons were shown to be useless political pawns, the Romulan prison commander offered to just let them go. That commander ought to be removed from duty, because if the prisoners had taken him up on that rather than staying away to protect he honor of their families, no hostage situation would ever work again. Not, I suppose, that it worked the first time. So the Klingons decided to just hang out forever.

"Srsly dood y u no stab me?"

“Srsly dood y u no stab me?”

Worf has gone soft and weak and Human. Even after all this talk of Honor, he insists that if his father had been alive in the camp, he would only be happy about it. The head Klingon prisoner indicates that if his own son came around, he’d hope the kid would kill him. So now Worf his here, wandering around and watching Klingons garded with halberds.

There’s also an indication that the younger generation don’t know what’s going on. They think the war is still going on, that their parents came here to raise children in peace. The young male is beligerent and calls Worf ‘Klingon’ as if it’s supposed to be an insult. The young woman has the hots for him, though.

Worf still has his transciever and is planning to make more use of that class he took about making high-tech tools, but first he’s got a visit from the Commendant, Tokath, who explains his little refuge away from the old hatreds. Worf is not ready to hear about this, or Toketh’s Klingon wife. He definitely is ready to blow up some canisters of fertilizer and escape in the confusion. He almost makes it out, too, but he gets captured just a few feet from the Yridian shuttle.

Rothfuss had to get this scene from somewhere.

Rothfuss had to get this scene from somewhere.

Worf gets a tracker put on him, and keeps relative freedom inside the compound. There’s really only one thing to do in a prison yard. Time to do prison exercises and teach the ignorant youngsters the secrets of Klingon Kung Fu.

The young woman, Ba’El, takes Worf back to her house to look at her armor. This is not a euphemism. However, her mother doesn’t wnat her to know anything about his heritage. The older Klingons even interrupt Worf telling old legends around the brazier. Probably to keep Ba’El from snogging him. Not that they needed to bother – her half-Romulan heritage does that. Worf is very species-ist, but at least he knows how to attempt to apologize.

He’s very bad at it.

Now that one knows what to look for, her forehead ridges look distinctly Romulan, which is a nice touch. They have the distinctive V-shape that distinguishes the Vulcan phenotype from the Romulan.

Brooding, Worf goes out to ruin the fun of all the kids playing toss-the-hoop by showing them Lawn Darts. That said, once he actually gets the kid to follow along, he’s not a jerk about it and tries to go get permission to hunt. He even gives his word that he won’t try to escape. There’s a great moment here about honor and the giving of your word. It’s Important, and Tokath the Romulan Colonel Klink, just doesn’t get it.

Amusingly, unlike Klingon swords, polearms, and daggers, Klingon hunting spears just look like spears. Even Klingons have to obey aerodynamic principles occasionally.

"Well, this can't end well for me."

“Well, this can’t end well for me.”

Much later, Worf and the kid Toq come back with a dead game animal. I expect Tokath was glad of the interruption from having to answer his daughter’s question, but not for very long. Especially when the kid starts singing the songs of his people. Tokath offers Worf the choice – capitulate and follow the ways of the sheeple-Klingons, or die. Worf, of course, chooses death. Say this for him, he’s not a hypocrite. as long as you actually force him to make a choice.

Ba’El comes to his room to try to rescue him so he can go hide in the jungle, but since the hsittle left and obviously his shipmates would never bother to come looking for him, there’s no point. Plus, he gets to make a moral stand and run away from complex issues. He won’t stay with her, and she can’t be accepted anywhere else.



Sometimes the old ways are best. A sunny wall to stand against and a public square to give a moralizing speech in. You can’t out-speech a Desciple of Picard, though. Worfs is better, and Toq shows up in full Klingon armor to stand beside Worf. And of course it’s not long from there until everyone else joins in. Even Ba’El, although of course there’s nowhere for her to go but the Federation. Maybe she can get some cosmetic surgery or something. In any case, the situation is defused and some minor logistical matters like ‘getting off the planet’ are easily dealt with, and Worf makes sure to keep the secret as best he can. Even Picard doesn’t officially know.

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