The Saturnalia Truce (Episode 07)

“Intrigue Military Fiction with Wizard’s Council, Monasteries, and A Fragile Peace”

Two nations, both alike in dignity…

If it is not the eve of war, then it is at the earliest the mid-afternoon. Albion, a proud monarchy ruled by the line of Hector unbroken, legendary hero who united the kingdom under his just law and that of the educated gentry,stares across the Valley of Plenty at the hated enemy, a “republic” that hasn’t had a fair election in generations. On top of that, they deny the true Faith of the Allmaker and his fight with the Enemy.

Babylon, the only free democracy in the world, stares across the Valley of Plenty at the hated enemy, a monarchy where only the powerful have any say in the ruling government. It is a stagnant, decadent society mired in its own decadence. Why, they even believe the Allmaker to be so weak as to lose control of his subordinate, the Tempter.

Sabres rattle and crossbows are being strung as these two nations eye each other. They know war is coming, it is merely a question of when, and what the spark will be that sets it off. The rest of the world – loose allies and bystander nations caught between these mighty behemoths, seeks desperately to stave off the coming tempest, while merchants everywhere hear profit on the wind.

Two other powers with agency are pushing their pieces into play, as well. The Priory of Sainted Minerva has scrupulously avoided being branded as a heretical organization by either side, and have freedom of movement between political borders. All priests recognize them as kindred.

Opposed to them are the Order of the Occulted Hand, an order of mages who are researchers on the forefront of unlocking the deeper mysteries of the universe. Unfortunately, research is expensive, so most of their operation is now given over to supplying an arms trade between Albion and Babylon. It turns out that it’s not that hard to borrow matter from the universe for a minute or two, and the Occulted Hand makes a killing (so to speak) supplying crossbows with ammunition enchantments. And making sure that there are diplomatic tensions wound tight enough that both nations are buying them hand over fist.

On the map, two nations square off to destroy each other. On the battleground of ideas, the Priory and the Order stand opposed. Whose side will you take? War, glory, and death await in The Saturnalia Truce.


D&D 4.0


7th Sea

FATE core+ Dresden Files RPG

Burning Wheel

Exalted 3rd edition


Music: Soldiers Farewell Fanfare montage / United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps

Our Chief Weapons are Guardian Spirits: (Epsiode 06)

This is a game about extreme historical inaccuracy. This cannot be stressed enough.

To understand this episode you must know two things. The first is the legend of the Golem. Very roughly recounted, in order to protect the Jews of the ghetto from persecution, expulsion from Prague, and murder, a rabbi built a clay man, imbued it with life through the use of the word Truth carved in its forhead in Hebrew. (EMET). The Golem protected the Jews, but soon, because of Reasons, became a violent and implacable killing machine. The Rabbi managed to remove a letter, changing the word to “Death”, and the Golem was deactivated.

The second thing is that  the authors recorded this on a work night, and oh god we were so exhausted.  I don’t think we got a single fact about Spanish history right – not that being awake .  It was so bad that Adam re-recorded a few sections to make the butchery of Spanish history a little less intense. And we’re going to pretend that’s why this episode is three months late.


There is much that is unknown about the darkest days of the Spanish Inquisition. The exact death toll will never be known. Records of lineage have been irrevocably muddied. What is known is a dominican friar named Tomás de Torquemada came into possession of an artifact engraved with the Seal of Solomon and, with it, immense power and influence over the minds of others. With this, he began the pursuit of his vengeance.

The most holy and righteous followers of the faiths of the world have within them the power to conjure manifestations of that faith. Golems, djinni, angels, spirits of the elements, each manifested according to the faith of the conjurer. They do odd jobs, heal injuries and illnesses, and, in dark times, they defend the faithful. And days are upon the world indeed.

Powerful relics have been drifting around Europe – demons gone wild, turned on their creators before being sealed away. These spirits are often quite mad, in every sense of the world – their summoner deviated from the holy path long ago, and their faithful long dead. It takes a powerful will to use the power of a bound demon without being undone by it, and very few who chance upon one will be strong enough…



Dogs in the vineyard

7th sea

Burning empires


Fortune’s Fool


Beregovski Freylekhs East Rock Klezmer feat. James Kessler.