Satan’s Mobile Infantry (Episode 3)

The year is 2287, and Earth has finally succumbed to her wounds. The environmental measures mankind has put in place are finally definitively losing the race against climate change, and humanity must turn to the stars. As  it became certain that the oceans would flood within the century, and populations had to condense into the middle of continents, the nations of Earth built great slowships and sent out colonists to the stars.

It was there that the children of men met Lucifer. 

To fuel his war with Heaven, Lucifer contracted humanity to build giant robots and war fleets, and power them using the blood of beings unconstrained by physics. Now humans are reaching out to what were previously thought to be the stars to colonize. Of course, the silver cities in the sky are currently occupied….

Playing the Game

Players pilot mecha. It’s just what they do. They fight giant aliens to cement humanity’s foothold in the stars. That these aliens are angels and inhabit a region of the universe with magic is what makes it fun.

Game Balance

Humanity exudes an influence in their local area which disables magic. This effect is stronger in the presence of complex machinery and doesn’t work when applied directly to iron-derived alloys, and in the presence of massive numbers of humans. This means you can have human players along side demonic warriors or angelic apostates – supernaturals in a colony setting will be low-powered. While fighting alongside just a few mecha, they will be roughly able to keep up, and when fighting on their own against other supernaturals will be able to cut loose and perform dazzling feats.

Skirmish Play

Battletech essentially contains everything you need to play skirmishes. Stat up some angels with exotic arrows, flaming swords, any other utterly ridiculous medieval-themed weapons  and you have yourself a battle. How many of the Lord’s Hosts can you cut through?

Campaign Play

Who says you can’t salvage in Heaven? Dismember fallen angels and graft them to your mech. Chain some of the odder-looking ones to your arm and use it as a flail, or just pick up their weapons and fight back – your ammo won’t last forever.

Social Play

Surely even in the grimdarkest of futures, not everyone is okay with literally waging war against God to save the human race. Allegiances fracture! Colonies tear themselves apart. Supernaturally enhanced mechs fight other supernaturally enhanced mechs.


Drink: Mojitos using The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Music: Marching to Hell by Aktivehate, used under a Creative Commons license.

Setting influences

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Starship Troopers

Top Gun

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

System influences

In Nomine

Demon: The Fallen

Rifts, if you must.

Battlefleet Gothic, gods help you.

Mecha Crusade

Burning Empires, whose count is now at 2

7th Sea (Seventh Sea)

Fate Core, whose count is now at 2

Did we miss something awesome?