Wuxia Zombies (Episode 2)

400 BCE. Imperial China – The warring States period. The kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu are only a few short years away from their fateful conflict that would change the course of Chinese history, when the stars align and Cynothoglys, the Mortician God, awakens from his slumber. He has been woken by the strife and turmoil of the mortal world, and seeks to bring ecstatic death and the peace of the grave to the world. He has empowered mortals seeking power to raise the dead as fearsome fighters with the knowledge of deadly kung-fu. The lords have shut themselves in their towers, defended only by their most loyal bodyguards and the meager spiritual protection of the stone Foo dogs that line every roof. The nations tremble, awaiting the end of days.

But in the darkest of times, heroes cast off the pretensions of the ordinary, for only in the face of the deadliest challenge can she prove her worth. Individuals of extraordinary ability have risen to the challenge. All across China, true martial heroes are leaving their villages and wandering the land righting wrongs, helping the helpless, and fighting back against the necromancers and their armies of kung-fu zombies.

Seed: Gothic Wuxia, Zombies, Great Old Ones

Drink: Chaucer’s Mead

Music: Cambodian Odessy – Kevin MacLeodWuxia Zombiesold Wuxia Zombies

Setting Influences:

Jackie Chan


Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems


House of Flying Daggers

Kung Fu Hustle

Seven Samurai

System Influences

Exalted, Second Edition

Feng Shui

Weapons of the Gods

Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook

Dread: A Game of Horror and Hope

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