DS9: S7E18: “Till Death Do Us Part: Part 2”

In which Sisko makes a decision Winn makes a friend, and Worf makes us all want to slap him.

When last we left off, Sisko’s not allowed to marry Kassidy, Ezri went to rescue Worf, the Founder Plague is ongoing, and Dukat looks like a Bajoran now. Ezri and Worf fought like rabbits and got captured by the Breen.

“She’s smiling, human. You know that means run, right?”

Ben talks to Jake about the Prophet’s new advice, and since Kassidy is out on a cargo run he can put off talking about it for a few days – long enough to have to deal with Kai Winn. She’s here to make sure the wedding is all about her. She’s so happy that the Prophets have given her this opportunity to be important that she reminds Sisko again of his Prophet predicament. Kai Winn also regrets never getting a prophet vision, but upon leaving Sisko’s office, she does get one. Only there’s something off about the camera angles. They tell her that a Messenger with the Wisdom of the Land will help her bring the Restoration.

The Breen ship is cruising along, and Worf is trying to come up with any plan he can to escape. The first duty of a captured officer is to escape. The Breen don’t seem to want much from them – they come in, deliver cans of algae paste, then leave without saying anything. Nobody knows what the Breen look like under their suits, and nobody knows for sure what their space is like. They are very territorial. However, this closeness, without the distractions of runabout diagnostics, means they actually have to talk about things and advance their relationship a bit, by Worf jumping right back in headfirst.

Damar has been ignoring his comms, so Weyoun goes to check on him and his empty kanar bottles and the lacy underthings of his companions last evening. Weyoun also knows about Dukat, and tells Damar to get packed for their mystery trip. Meanwhile, Damar get s a good long look at himself and doesn’t like what he sees. Dukat doesn’t like what Damar has become either, but the two of them used to be comerades. Dukat tells Damar to step up and be the leader that Cardassia needs, since he has to go on and do pah-wraith things. The bonds of martial fraternal loyalty are strong, even when one of them is clearly nuts and the other is a self-loathing drunk. And thus, Dukat makes his way to Deep Space Nine.

“Momma always told me not to fall in love with a space-pope.”

Kassidy is getting into Bajoran ceremonial customs when Sisko utters those four terrifying words ‘We Need To Talk’ and comes clean about the Prophets and their message. And makes the decision that he can’t turn against their warning. A question I have s whether this is the result of him demanding they destroy the Dominion fleet way back in the day – if his road now would be easier if he hadn’t demanded they deviate from the path they wanted to walk.

Ezri has nightmares, a natural reaction when in captivity. She also believes in dream interpretation. Starfleet Medical and the counseling program seem to buy into dream semiotics. The Breen have something planned for Worf. And the Prophets have something planned for Kai Winn, in the form of Bajoran Dukat, going as Anjohl Tennan, coming to her as a Man of the Land. He has strong Pah and says the right words to make Winn instantly zero in on him.

He’s got a cover story, and perhaps coincidentally (and perhaps not in two ways) it matches up with at least some of the Bajoran Ancient Texts. This includes talk of burning everything down to allow for the restoration of the soil – which latches onto something in Kai Winn’s brain. She tells him that he’s to be her guide, and another question I have is whether Dukat is honestly surprised that things are going so swimmingly for him, or if he knew that the Pah-Wraiths were going to clear the way for him.

Sisko’s back to running the war effort and making promises to Martok. He shares the Prophets advice with Kira, who assures him that the Prophets are always right. Of course, since the Pah-Wraiths can send visions that look an awful lot like Prophet visions, are we even sure at this point that it came from them? Maybe it’s the pah-wraiths trying to keep Sisko distracted.

The Founder, Weyoun, and Damar are heading towards a rendezvous. The two Dominion natives are worried about Damar’s reaction to something in the plan. Meanwhile, it’s time for Worf to have some nightmares. Seems to have been brought on by advanced interrogation with a cortical stimulator. When they come in to take Ezri, Worf fights back only to get tased and helplessly watch.

Winn gives Anjohl/Dukat a rare pre-Occupation vintage of spring wine, and Dukat takes this as an invitation to start undermining Sisko by talking about how terribly ‘we Bajorans’ suffered under the Cardassians, and that Sisko couldn’t possibly know what that’s like. Luckily, Anjohl knows some insider baseball about some of the horrifying random executions ordered by Dukat, and it just so happens that the incident he picked was an instance where Winn bribed a Cardassian guard to save some of Dukat’s victims.

Quark has finally delivered an engagement ring for Cassidy, which he brings to Sisko, sitting alone in the dark. And speaking of alone in the dark, Ezri’s come back from her interrogation in a similar state of agitation, but just as it seems like Worf’s going to be all protective, she says Julian’s name instead and everything is ruined. And speaking of everything being ruined, Dukat/Anjohl shows up at Winn’s apartment at Late O’Clock to tell her about how his fields are already fruitful, under his brother’s care. Thus, he should stay with Kai Winn, and he should call her Adami, and they should fuuuuuuuuuuuuu… kiss.

If there’s anything more awkward than a space alien who possessed your biological mother taking on her form at your age and making you motorboat her during your wedding ceremony, I cannot imagine what it is.

Sisko has made up his mind – damn the Prophets and their warnings, he’s going to marry Kassidy in a rush ceremony that Kira’s brooding about, since she knows the truth about what they told him not to do. They even gatecrash the actual wedding and making it real weird, real fast. Even that can’t stop him.

To round out the day, Damar has finally gotten tired of waiting for intel, and demands to know what Weyoun has dragged him along for. Cut to the Breen ship, where things are awkward again between Worf and Ezri, because Worf can’t decide whether he has a claim on Ezri Dax’s heart or not. Then they’re all beamed over to Weyoun’s ship as gifts to mark the new Dominion-Breen alliance.

Did we miss something awesome?