DS9: S4E19: “Shattered Mirror”

In which Jake meets his mother and the last of the Line of Keldar is extinguished. 

Presented without comment

Presented without comment

Jake is back to his prior habit of watching debarkation from the incoming ships. Only now that Nog is at the Academy, he’s doing it alone. He’s in-theory working on a new story, and Odo and Quark come to harass him for missing his friend. Then Jake leaves and they go back to their will-they-won’t-they drama. Jake mopes home to find his mom, who’s been dead for –  what, seven years at this point – having drinks with Ben Sisko.

Of course, we can guess where she came from, but apparently Ben doesn’t fill his son in on the details of classified missions. Or, even worse, he does, and Jake’s been wanting to meet her for a long time. Sisko’s being distracted by affairs of state, but not before delivering some good news – mirror-Terok Nor is now controlled by Terran rebels, and now Jennifer Sisko and Jake get to… uh… catch up on old times?

Sisko’s meeting with minister Gettor ran long and exhausting, but now he’s out – and Jake and Jennifer Sisko are gone. What’s there is a Mirror Universe transport device – either Jake convinced her to take him over for a visit, or she kidnapped him to use as bait to get Sisko over. Sisko’s taking Kira and O’Brien and some phasers, but as it turns out the transporter rejects Kira and O’Brien. Only Ben Sisko was invited.

Miles ‘Smiley’ O’Brien is in charge of the station, and kidnapped Jake, nicely, in order to enlist Ben Sisko in fighting the Alliance. Smiley had, in the past, stolen some computer schematics from the Federation, including those of the Defiant. They haven’t solved the shaking problem yet, and there’s not quite enough time to fix it, but they’re going to try anyway. Captain Bashir is also here, and owed Sisko a punch from last time.

Nog appears to be running a brothel where Quark’s used to be, and makes a perfect background for a little father-son heart-to-heart, and then a hashout between Jennifer and Ben. This kidnapping was her idea, but to be fair to her it’s wasn’t a violent kidnapping. Just an emotionally-manipulative one.

The Alliance is on the way with one of the biggest ships in Star Trek canon. It dwarfs full-sized Cardassian cruisers. Judging by the window sizes, it’s main underslung cannons are several decks in diameter – and that’s just the firing aperture. This is the Regent’s flagship, led by Regent Worf, who has Garak on a chain. The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance does not take failure kindly, particularly if it seems like cowardice. Garak tries to fast-talk, but you can’t really fast-talk a less-patient-than-prime-universe Klingon.

With Sisko directing repairs, and only occasionally being distracted by being slapped by Jadzia, or Bashir torturing the Intendent with an Agonizer. They seem to have made some improvements in the technology since Kirk’s day, though. Now it works by remote. Sisko gets to show his Civilizing Influence, immediately after he gets called out for what we shouldn’t forget is raping Jadzia.

Speaking of will-they-won’t-they drama, let’s just take a moment to appreciate Garak and Regent Worf.

Ben is really trying hard to keep hating Jennifer, but it gets harder when she admits that she wished Jake was really her son. With the alliance 8 hours out, the time has come for necessary heroics, aided by the reluctant help of The Intendent, after only having to cut through a quarter mile of sexual innuendo.

The CKA has really remarkably terrible organization. Man, if you thought the Terran Empire was bad at bureaucratic stability, they’ve got nothing on a hierarchy led by Worf having a temper tantrum. Captain Bashir and Jadzia’s raiding party of one ship seems to be doing its job of buying some time, and Jennifer Sisko is helping. She’s also told Jake the truth about the reason she’s there. Jake can’t stay mad, and Jennifer’s going to send Jake back to the station that’s not about to be blown up by a Giant Klingon Space Compensator, while Sisko finishes up his work. Nog harassing him is going to make the journey a little easier, at least.

"Draw me like one of your Andorian girls."

“Draw me like one of your Andorian girls.”

Intendent Kira has no desire to be on-station when Regent Worf gets here. Sisko has her convinced, probably correctly, that Worf will not be in a forgiving mood. To that end, she’s taking full advantage of her leather pants to try to seduce her way out. The guard’s not having it, but Nog is there to rescue her, because with all of his relatives dead at her hand, Nog owns the bar now.

The CKA has arrived, and Smiley convinces Sisko to take command of the Defiant for her shakedown fight. I appreciate that the Terran rebels working on it decided not to change any of the decor, too. Keep it in Federation battle-greys with Division-color accenting. I’m going to posit a combination of not-wanting-to-waste-time-forming-a-decorating-committe and good old-fashioned naval superstition.

I’m not really sure how the timing worked out here, because Jennifer and Jake should have been long gone by the time the repairs were finished, the Intendent escaped and killed Nog, so this meeting where Nerys holds Jennifer and Jake at gunpoint has me a bit confused. Did the Siskos take time to pack?

The Defiant has the maneuverability edge on the CKA ships, particularly when weaving between the structure of the station. Kira’s about to dispose of Jake, when Jennifer of-course sacrifices herself for him. Once she knows who Jake is, Nerys spares him in preparation for future favors, while the Defiant does a nearly suicidal skin-dancing bombing run along the underside of the Regent’s flagship. They’re flying too close for the cruiser itself to target them. Presumably it uses gimballed turrets rather than the fancy Galaxy-class phaser arrays. And Captain Julian ‘Solo’ Bashir and Jadzia ‘Chewie’ Dax show up to save the Defiant from a secondary threat. Together, they’re able to beat back the Regent’s forces, and Elim ‘Grima Wormtongue’ Garak makes sure the blame falls squarely where it belongs – on Kira.

There’s just this pesky aftermath to deal with – Jennifer is dying the slowest phaser-injury death we’ve ever seen. It really seems like they ought to have been able to find a medkit somewhere. Did O’Brien not bother to download any schematics? Ben has to/gets to watch his wife die again, and the symmetry between universe continues to break down.

Did we miss something awesome?