DS9: S3E19: “Through the Looking Glass”

In which Sisko gets kidnapped, laid, and to say goodbye. 

"I really should have gone to the bathroom before kidnapping Sisko..."

“I really should have gone to the bathroom before kidnapping Sisko…”

Odo has been dealing with the vole problem aboard the station. Particularly, the problem with Quark’s storeroom being infested with them. He had to paint numbers on their backs to keep track of them all. Totally not for the purposes of running a vole-fighting ring. Sisko hands command of Ops off to a nameless LT for the night.  O’Brien walks in in civilian clothes, pulls a gun on Sisko in the middle of Ops, waves a dongle over the transporter console, and beams out to his waiting raider ship in the Mirror universe.

Sisko takes about twenty seconds to throw a reversal on Miles “Smiley” O’Brien and take the pistol, but he’s still trapped until the transporters are rejiggered. Meanwhile, in the last year, the Terran slaves have begun a rebellion against the Klingon-Cardassian alliance, and it’s not going well. Also, Mirror Sisko is dead and Smiley needs Sisko to help him with One Last Mission. They need to turn a Terran scientist and stop her from building a new scanner, and the really great news for Ben is that this scientist is both of their ex-wife. Either Sisko convinces her to help the rebellion, or the Resistance will have to assassinate her.

"Would I lie to you?"

“Would I lie to you?”

Mirror Kira is still living it up as the Intendent of Bajor. Complete with Vulcan attendents to wave fans at her, because apparently in the mirror universe the air conditioning doesn’t work. Or sometimes you just need slaves holding fans for effect. She’s also telling Jennifer Sisko about the death of Benjamin. She doesn’t seem phased, but her main motivation seems to be an end to armed conflict so that Terrans will stop dying. A noble aspiration, sure, but when the person you’re talking to is using a human as a throne you’re probably not going to like how collaboration turns out for you.

Sisko has agreed to save/kidnap Jennifer, and with an all-too-short briefing they swing the plan into motion to take back control of the Rebellion, which is currently split between Overly Aggressive Rom, Gristly Battle-Hardened Bashir, and Tuvok. Tuvok doesn’t get a descriptor because Vulcans are just Vulcans. Oh and hey, Jadzia is here acting on some of those latent impulses. It’s not unethical if you’re not her superior officer in this universe, right? Or maybe it’s just for the good of the mission.

Problems abound on DS9, and Kira institutes a new program of random and unprovoked executions to keep morale up. She’s been unhappy since Mirror Sisko died. Meanwhile, Mirror Jadzia is not enjoying the losing cause of the Rebellion, and wants to go back to being Kira’s enforcers.  But she still backs him up when he makes his intentions plain to Bashir. Of course, that’s when he makes what is probably a mistake, and calls her Dax. There’s no reason to suspect that Jadzia still hosts the Dax symbiote in this universe.

Rom appears to be an informant, and has told Kira that Sisko is still around. Sisko has probably had somethingplanted in Miles’ ear. A tracker, most likely. We get the background on Jennifer, who should not have been with Sisko. Almost as if strange and eldritch forces conspired to make a universe as similar as possible to Prime while being completely different. As they discuss, two Cardassian and a Klingon ship decloak and take them both in.

"Nobody's interested in your opinions about my Terran harem, Garak."

“Nobody’s interested in your opinions about my Terran harem, Garak.”

Mirror Kira still has her thing for bad boys. Or Terrans. Or annoying Garak. Either way, O’Brien is sent back to Ore Processing and Sisko is sent to her chambers. They murderflirt for a bit, and eventually Ben and Jennifer are… reunited? It’s heartwarming, really. But Sisko is not making a lot of headway. Mirror Sisko was a really terrible husband, but Ben Sisko is a little better at this, gets her to at least stop reflexively disagreeing with him, and triggers The Plan. O’Brien triggers the revolt and they all run away to the airlock, shooting people all the way. Sadly, Rom is dead and nailed to the airlock door, exposed for the triple agent he was all along. By the time Kira stops gloating, Ben and the rebels are engaged in a retreat back to Ore Processing, where he triggers Dukat’s security protocols. When Kira comes in to gloat and Jennifer declares her allegiances, Sisko gets to gloat about having armed the self-destruct and changed the passcodes, and barter the new code for safe passage.

Back on the rebel base, Sisko has to say goodbye to Jennifer, and she asks for the truth. She and Jadzia were talking, you see. Again, I maintain it was the ‘Dax’ slip that did it. Either way, things are looking up for the Terran resistance

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