TNG: S7E04: “Gambit: Part 1”

"Sir, they are firing on us. It is adorable."

In which the crew evidently took a break mid-episode to remember how keeping your cover intact is supposed to work. 

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TNG: S7E02: “Liaisons”

"As long as I only stabbed him in a limb he could be repaired and it would feel sooooo good..."

In which Riker likes to see Worf in a dress, Worf beats the crap out a diplomat, and I reference a Star Wars D20 game from college that none of my readers will get. 

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TNG: S7E01: “Descent: Part 2”

Because of Reasons.

In which Lore gets some new shades, Geordi gets upgraded, and Data is still closer to his dream than he thinks. 

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