TNG: S7E15: “Lower Decks”

Gunmetal, Slate, Mist,  #707070, Classic Silver, Antique Tin, Cathedral, Elephant Skin...

In which we follow some ensigns, events proceed without us, and I really need to not cut onions when I watch Star Trek. 

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TNG: S7E13: “Homeward”

In which we meet Worf’s brother from his other mother, Picard rehashes old arguments, and all praise be unto LaForge. 

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TNG: S7E12: “The Pegasus”

In which Picard hates the spotlight, Pressman has Lost his way, and Ensign Babyface has made a fine officer. 

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TNG: S7E09: “Force of Nature”

Subspace rifts are pretty. Let's overload a bunch of shuttle engines, put on some EDM, and get this party started.

In which I’m really starting to hate episodes from twenty years ago that are still depressingly relevant. 

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TNG: S7E08: “Attached”

"Oh, you're still here?"

In which an assessment must be made, Picard and Crusher are joined at the brain, and a question is answered and then asked again. 

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TNG: S7E07: “Dark Page”

"It's simple. We squish the spider-man."

In which Lwaxana is on board, I refuse to accept that the telepathic otherwise-appropriate-romantic-target for Deanna isn’t evil, and shut up don’t look at me. 

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TNG: S7E06: “Phantasms”

Seven times when Data's relationship with his cat was your relationship with everyone.

In which a new engine is installed in the worst possible place, Troi is covered with mint frosting, and Data will be in his bunk.

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