TNG: S7E26: “All Good Things…: Parts 1 & 2”

Is it just me or does that really look like it's leaking raw Time?

In which Picard’s timing is somewhat in focus, and everything is as it should be.

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TNG: S7E21: “First Born”

If this looks silly, remember that these guys are swinging around greatswords and stopping them without contact.

In which Worf gets mugged, gets help, and gets yet another hole punched on his ‘frequent lesson-in-parenting-getter’ card. One more and he gets a free burrito.

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TNG: S7E19: “Genesis”

Yum, fire-grilled octopus drumsticks!

In which Crusher gengineers a quick fix and proves that the Federation can’t be trusted with ANYTHING. Also, kittens!

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TNG: S7E18: “Eye of the Beholder”

Well, it's been seven years, but we finally get to see what warp coils look like from the inside.

In which they need to switch up that force field and I can’t figure out whether I’m watching CSI or Dallas. 

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TNG: S7E16: “Thine Own Self”

"Just because you raise a valid point doesn't mean you shouldn't shut the hell up, blogger-guy."

In which Data stumbles home drunk from a party and can’t remember where he’s been all night, while Troi desperately crams for Finals. 

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