TNG: S6E22: “Suspicions”

I've been on the internet long enough to know where this is going.

In which Beverly gets fired, Star Trek does Agatha Christie, and Guinan always has an ulterior motive. 

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TNG: S6E20: “The Chase”

To me this indicates that the 'Cardassian dent' may have or have had some internal cultural significance. Reminds me of a bindi.

In which the Federation uses quotas, Picard defers his dreams, and for an episode about inclusiveness and unity this episode has some remarkably racist undertones. 

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TNG: S6E18: “Starship Mine”

With the dish powered down, she looks... dead.

In which Picard is all alone in his home and you know what they say about old habits, and those garbage mashers can be trouble.

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