TNG: S4E23: “The Host”

"That's my favorite chair, skank."

In which Data is a clamjammer, Riker is not entirely altruistic, and the episode ends right before it begins. 

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TNG: S4E18: “Identity Crisis”

Yes, this. If I were designing a holodeck program to unnerve people who saw it I couldn't do it better than this.

In which Geordi fronts about his success with the ladies, focuses on a mystery, and goes to a rave. 

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TNG: S4E17: “Night Terrors”

Wave your hands in the air if you feel overtired, irritable, paranoid, or claustrophobic/ We're gonna take it into overtime / Welcome to the Space Jam...

In which away team protocol is still weird, O’Brien is a walking stereotype, and some aliens get really bored. 

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