TNG: S3E06: “Booby Trap”

In which Geordi sucks at dating on the holodeck, wins at dating the holodeck, and should never be allowed onto the holodeck.

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TNG: S3E04: “Who Watches the Watchers”

In which holography is pretty amazing, the Prime Directive is in danger, and who among us doesn’t worship The Picard?

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TNG: S3E03: “The Survivors”

The bad guys always have convergent lasers.

In which I go off on a long(itudinal) tangent, nobody in the future appreciates the real classics, and jurisdiction is a knotty problem sometimes.

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TNG: S3E02: “The Ensigns of Command”

I neither have soul nor am a soldier.

In which nobody writes new music, corporations are always jerks, and Data gets creative. 

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TNG: S3E01: “Evolution”

Questions I want answered: How, with the replicators malfunctioning, did Stubbs acquire a hand-held gamma ray laser?

In which Kelso can’t catch a break, we do an old episode better this time, and we take another look at human-machine relations in the 24th century.

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