TNG: S3E15: “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

I love everything about this shot.

In which Worf drinks the drink of a warrior, one image is all you need, and the Federation doesn’t believe in quickies.

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TNG: S3E14: “A Matter of Perspective”

Also, some weird radiation made this blister in the hallway plating, but that couldn't possibly be relevant, could it?

In which Picard can’t paint, justice is served raw, and this show could have benefited enormously from anyone bothering to clean up all of these messes. 

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TNG: S3E12: “The High Ground”

I'm not sure whether it's this episode or the fact I'm drinking wine instead of scotch, but it's a lot harder to make jokes than it usually is...

In which we get some nice complexity, Picard punches a dude, and space stations make for better television. 

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TNG: S3E11: “The Hunted”

In which a prisoner escapes, I still despise the Security division of Starfleet, and what have you done for our veterans lately?

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TNG: S3E07: “The Enemy”

"I hate you. You know that, right?"

In which we find the worst planet, I wish I could remember where this plot comes from, and nobody gets any answers.

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