TNG: S3E26: “The Best of Both Worlds: Part 1”

In which Shelby doesn’t fit in, we meet some old friends, and Picard gets a facelift. 

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TNG: S3E25: “Transfigurations”

Pictured: Geordi, shortly before reporting to Sick Bay with shards of the bar counter driven into his face.

In which Geordi learns how to flirt, we see which divisions get all the budget, and the Enterprise picks up a passenger who probably isn’t all that important.

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TNG: S3E24: “Ménage à Troi”

"Oh Great Bird of the Galaxy there's not enough bleach in the universe..."

In which oh god oh god I will never be able to unsee what I have seen, I will never be able to unthink what I have thunk, and Wesley is also in this episode. 

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TNG: S3E20: “Tin Man”


In which I like those little coincidences,  two broken souls find their other halves, and Starfleet maintenance hates Picard.

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TNG: S3E18: “Allegiance”

BOM bom BOM bom BOM bom BOM bom...

In which It’s Full of Stars, fangs are wildly impractical, and Starfleet should hire me to do security consulting for the next ship class because I’d be a bajillion times better than the brain-damaged chinchilla they have doing the job currently.

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