TNG: S2E18: “Up the Long Ladder”

Chickens are enough of a pain in the butt when they're in a neighbor's backyard. imagine being aboard the equivalent of the USS Arizona and your bunkmate is keeping sheep.

In which a little more of the timeline is revealed, an ethical conunrum is raised, and a match is made among the stars. 

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TNG: S2E17: “Samaritan Snare”

Henceforth let it be known: The Enterprise farts forward.

In which shuttles are useless, Picard has a past, and a couple of space pirates in an inflatable raft try to play poker with Riker. 

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TNG: S2E16: “Q-Who?”

In which ensign Gomez feels up the captain, questions are raised about Guinan, and hypotheses are presented about Q.

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TNG: S2E15: “Pen Pals”

Must not laugh... at captain's stupid outfit...

In which Picard likes a powerful beast between his legs, Wesley gets command thrust upon him, and Data violates the Prime Directive like… well, you can write your own tasteless joke here. I believe in you.

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TNG: S2E14: “The Icarus Factor”

In which the Enterprise stops for repairs, Riker considers a promotion, and the worst martial art ever is shown.

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TNG: S2E13: “Time Squared”

Verily, this visual is a virtiginous vista, the ventral vortex diving vertically into the vastitude of the void.

In which Riker makes scrambled monotreme eggs, reversing the polarity always helps, and I get flashbacks to SimAnt.

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