TOS: S2E18: “The Immunity Syndrome”

In which an ink cloud blots out the stars, the visual designers of the episode were clearly high, and I waste a Star Wars joke.

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TOS: S2E17: “A Piece of the Action”

In which the Prime Directive is there for a reason, my hatred of monoculture is well justified, and if youse mugs don’t share my blog, I’m gonna scrag ya, see?

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TOS: S2E15: “The Trouble with Tribbles”

In which we watch the original ‘fluff’ episode, the seeds for two ubiquitous technologies are sown, and I really want a tribble.

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TOS: S2E14: “Wolf in the Fold”

In which we meet the most reasonable planetary governer of all time, a locked room mystery is invalidated, and Jack the Ripper is done much less well than Babylon 5 will doin the ’90s.

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TOS: S2E13: “Obsession”

In which Kirk hunts his white whale, the sanctity of life is completely ignored, and I fantasize about the greatest crossover of all time.

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TOS: S1E12: “The Deadly Years”

In which the entire senior staff gets old, nobody is as good as fucking with Romulans as Kirk, and Chekov stays forever young, I wanna be forever young. Continue reading

TOS: S2E09: “Metamorphosis”

In which the Shuttlecraft Galileo is earning a fearsome reputation, some interesting facts about the timeline are revealed only to be ignored, and  someone tried to shoehorn a bodice-ripper into a Star Trek episode and failed, badly.

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