DS9: S5E15: “By Inferno’s Light”

In which Dukat becomes hauntingly, horrifyingly familiar. Also there’s a prison escape and intrigue and action, but mostly the Dukat thing.

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DS9: S5E14: “In Purgatory’s Shadow”

"One simply cannot finish a pleasant conversation on this station."

In which Garak tends to some personal business, some family relationships are strained, and someone’s had a really terrible month. 

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DS9: S5E12: “The Begotten”

Ethics question: "If you sell a living being to someone you know will take care of them, is that instance of chattel slavery still immoral?"

In which Odo becomes a daddy, Kira becomes a Mommy, and nothing tragic happens to return the show to status quo. I promise. You don’t seem to believe me. 

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DS9: S5E06: “Trials and Tribble-ations”

Look at Bashir in back, still not over the uniform colors.

In which an anniversary is celebrated, references are made, and an extinct species is resurrected. 

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