DS9: S2E06: “Melora”

In which DS9 is not wheelchair-accessible, Melora has no concept of rank-appropriate duties, and nobody likes being serenaded. 

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DS9: S2E05: “Cardassians”

I bet that kid gets beat up a lot.

In which a Cardassian orphan appears, a difficult custody hearing is had, and a chess-master is revealed. 

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DS9: S2E04: “Invasive Procedures”

Looks like the Cardassians did not read as far as Overlord Rule 122.

In which the station is evacuated again, mercenaries are never good news, and sometimes the bureaucracy knows what it’s doing. 

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DS9: S2E03: “The Siege”

"IThat's IT! have HAD IT with these M----ING FERENGI on this M-----ING STATION."

In which the situation is depressingly familiar, many minutia are established, and very little is neatly wrapped up.

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DS9: S2E02: “The Circle”

"Oh great, who invited Quark?"

In which violence escalates, major players are revealed, and I try to scrub my brain clean of the images forced upon it. 

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DS9: S2E01: “The Homecoming”

Rule of Acquisition #76: Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

In which Quark commits malicious altruism, Nerys and Miles go on a field trip, and we have a new crew member. 

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