DS9: S1E07: “Dax”

Pretty sure the human face isn't supposed to stretch like that.

In which the Federation makes terrible treaties, Sisko still isn’t Picard, and the question is left unresolved (but not really).

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DS9: S1E06: “Q-Less”

Yes, this is a Ferengi Handjob.

In which Bashir hits on several women, Q is remarkably restrained for a creepy demigod, and all space life is aquatic in design. 

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DS9: S1E04: “Babel”

Sure, we could talk about why Bashir is using a powerpoint animation instead of something that could actually convey information, but I'd much rather ask why a good 65% of the screen real estate is blocked by that stupid circular overlay.

In which Captain Mustache demands to see the manager, Sisko is the manager you’ve always hated, and Bashir needs better time management. 

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DS9: S1E03: “A Man Alone”

This just seems uncomfortable.

In which Bashir keeps trying, civilization is seedier, and where are the clones, there should be clones, send in the clones. 

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DS9: S1E02: “Past Prologue”

"I feel pretty / oh so pretty..."

In which rumors circulate, Kira has a quandary, and Julian Bashir will return in Double-0 Zero: The Spy who Sucked at Everything. 

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