TOS: S2E20: “Return to Tomorrow”

In which Vulcans are better than humans, robots are not as good as humans, and we meet something I’ve been hoping to meet since the first five episodes.

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TOS: S2E18: “The Immunity Syndrome”

In which an ink cloud blots out the stars, the visual designers of the episode were clearly high, and I waste a Star Wars joke.

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TOS: S2E17: “A Piece of the Action”

In which the Prime Directive is there for a reason, my hatred of monoculture is well justified, and if youse mugs don’t share my blog, I’m gonna scrag ya, see?

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TOS: S2E15: “The Trouble with Tribbles”

In which we watch the original ‘fluff’ episode, the seeds for two ubiquitous technologies are sown, and I really want a tribble.

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TOS: S2E14: “Wolf in the Fold”

In which we meet the most reasonable planetary governer of all time, a locked room mystery is invalidated, and Jack the Ripper is done much less well than Babylon 5 will doin the ’90s.

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TOS: S2E13: “Obsession”

In which Kirk hunts his white whale, the sanctity of life is completely ignored, and I fantasize about the greatest crossover of all time.

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TOS: S1E12: “The Deadly Years”

In which the entire senior staff gets old, nobody is as good as fucking with Romulans as Kirk, and Chekov stays forever young, I wanna be forever young. Continue reading