VOY: S4E05: “Revulsion”

"Do not attempt to adjust your screen. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical."

In which Harry shouldn’t have worn sweatpants that day, Torres suffers a broken heart, and the Doctor makes friends with Norman Bates. 

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DS9: S6E01: “A Time to Stand”

The Galaxy-class had one tractor emitter per arc, fore and aft. This seems to be a dedicated tugboat.

In which a lot of ships get crippled, Sisko receives a new assignment, and Kira faces off against Weyoun.

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VOY: S4S03: “Day of Honor”

Torres does not want to be offered surprise pie while auditioning for Ancient Aliens.

In which Torres has a really bad day, Seven deals with her past, and the show has some worrying messages about refugees. 

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